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A Year 2000 Chance to Protect Some Natural Treasures

Nuclear power has suffered the greatest collapse of any enterprise in worldwide industrial history. The 20th century ended with worldwide nuclear power capacity of less than 10 percent.

Effective Energy Alternatives: The Southface Energy and Environmental Resource Center in Atlanta

Computers and the Internet were supposed to be energy-friendly technology, but some experts are beginning to question just how friendly. There’s no denying that the Internet allows millions of people around the world to communicate easily and cheaply without leaving home or office.

The Wilderness Society has mounted a major campaign to combat offroad vehicle damage

Ear plugs and gas masks were as important as coats and boots for anyone visiting Yellowstone National Park in search of a winter wonderland on Presidents Day Weekend.

Junked PCs A Growing Environmental Problem

The world is rapidly becoming awash in computer junk that no one knows what to do with, and the problem is only expected to get worse.

No wonder ginseng and other popular herbs are being stolen from our national parks

The lush coves and dark hollows of the southern Appalachians have served as an herbal pharmacy for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Why protecting the environment means saving ourselves

AFrench farmers staged a dramatic protest against the European Union a few years ago by hauling sections of wheatfields that had been unrooted, and cattle and sheep, to the center of the Champs Elysees.

Quickly Obsolete Electronics Recycled

On Christmas morning, millions of Americans took the wrappings off spanking new, faster than ever personal computers, fancy fax machines, electronic game stations, cell phones and all manner of high-tech toys.

In Rememberance of 911

On 9/11, our lives were changed forever by the cowardice acts of people with no other objective other than to terrorize the United States.

Eyeing The Tiger's Decline

The tiger remains one of nature's most provocative metaphors for power, independence, grace and spirit, but a world consumed with symbols is hardly noticing as the animal itself sinks slowly toward oblivion.

Who should decide if trapping should be banned?

Until three years ago it was legal to kill beavers ("harvest them, as the Massachusetss Division of Fisheries and Wildlife likes to say) by breaking their spines in the steel jaws of Conibear traps.

The walking tree islands provide homes for animals and stability for us

Shaped by wind, ice, and cold, the trees of the alpine tundra evolve into an array of forms called krummholz, a German word that means "twisted wood."

Global warming has serious effects

Busloads of excited tourist disembark every day outside Tom's Restaurant at 2880 Broadway in Mnahattan. They have come to render homage to the greasy spoon of Sienfeld sitcom fame, and they are absolutely unaware of an infinitely more important program under way upstairs on the seventh floor.

Get the bacteria out of your drinking water

It's no secret. The quality of our water is steadily degrading around the world. Years of pollution and abuse has finally taken it's toll.

The sun provides a limitless supply of clean and efficient energy

Solar Energy has developed to the degree that it is becoming commonplace in our everyday lives.

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